Claim Your Place in History

Support our athletes and help sew the flag they take to the 2012 Olympic Games.

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Claim Your Place in History

Support the United States Olympic and Paralympic teams and help sew the flag they take to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.

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Claim your place in history Donate a stitch in the flag Team USA carries to London.

Thank you everyone!

Our flag is complete and on its way to London with the Team.
Check out the donor wall to see who in your state is part of the Flag. If you didn't get your stitch in time, you can still support Team USA. Click here.

About Raise our Flag

This year you can donate a stitch in America’s flag for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. But you’re not just building a symbol of pride. You’re providing housing, training and equipment for the most elite athletes in America. Because unlike athletes from other countries, our Olympians receive no government funding and rely on your support.

Raise Our Flag is an official United States Olympic fundraising program. Donate your stitch before July 12 and be part of the team behind the team.

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Every Stitch Counts

It’s more than a flag you’re helping to build. Every time you add a stitch, you are helping to build Team USA. Discover some of the training essentials your stitches may help provide.

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Largest Single
Stitch Contribution

75 Stitches supply one wrestling mat

125 stitches provide starting blocks for the usa swimming team

20 stitches equal one pair of boxing gloves

1,100 stitches

stitches needed for a full set of weights

for one month 15 Stitches

stitches provide a month of
prepared meals
for one athlete

From our Athletes

Every U.S. Olympian and Paralympian has a “team behind the team.” It could be that coach who nurtured their talent or the parents who provided endless encouragement from hard bleacher seats. Watch a few of this year’s Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls tell their team story.

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Thank You

Our flag is more than stars and stripes. It is a flag in which every stitch represents another American and a symbol of our pride in being the team behind the team. Explore the stitch numbers below to see who has donated. Buy a stitch to add your number to the donor wall.


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